Hi, I’m Erica.

After dealing with personal skincare issues, I decided to become an esthetician to help others. I did my research and chose a school in Las Vegas, Nevada. I also additionally completed an instructor program to teach. Now, over a decade later, I’m branching out to practicing full-time. I truly love skincare because it allows me to be a detective, helping clients pinpoint how they can look and feel better. There’s truly nothing more rewarding!

As an esthetician, I utilize my science background to develop a treatment plan to allow each ingredient to work effectively. My advanced training helped me master current trends and treatments such as Ayurvedic practices, facial massage techniques, chemical peels, skin analysis, and, more commonly, corrective treatments. Services are just one part of treating skin; daily home care is highly important. After each service, I recommend products and a personalized treatment plan for future services. Please book an appointment today; let me know how I can help you.

The natural educator in me will still be in full swing with classes. I will schedule skin care classes on basic and advanced modalities. In addition, I’ll have private & group classes. Please check our Instagram/Facebook pages or message me for details.