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What Difference Does the Massage Table Make?

Massage therapy, stretching sessions, and bodywork are usually received in a spa on a flat table or a hydraulic/electric table that goes up and down.

The Dunedin Well Spa offers the Comfort Craft massage table advantage for all massage therapy sessions. The table provides a mid-split (bend) to help take your body out of being on a flat surface. This approach encourages relaxation of the lower back and natural body arch when lying face up (prone). Another great benefit of the mid-split is opening up the front-line muscles of the body while lying face up (supine). In other words, the bend not only improves the treatment and the comfort of the client but also increases treatment efficiency (better efficiency = better session quality).

How does it benefit you?

1) Allows your body to relax into a neutral position during any massage-therapy/stretching/bodywork session.

2) The removable headrest allows your head to move in any position, offering complete release and relaxation of the neck muscles.

3) While in a side-lying position, your body easily opens with low stress and little effort. As a result, natural body lengthening is encouraged.

4) Your lower back is encouraged to relax by raising the table nine degrees while in the prone (face down) position. This takes the compressed back into the neutral position, which aids the therapist in treatment.

5) While in the supine (face up, laying on the back) position, the nine degrees supports the low back arch and encourage your body to relax in the neutral position.

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